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Career Development Opportunities

Investing in Excellence

Our leadership team firmly believes in the importance of INVESTMENT. As an organization we are intentional about making an investment into our team. The thought is founded on the notion, that if we invest in our team, by paying equitable wages, provide support with overall career development and training, and provide avenues for our team members to further their education; the RETURN on INVESTMENT comes in the form of creating and developing a team of Quality Educators to support the students we are entrusted to serve. 

Career Development Opportunities

Training & Development

Team members will be receive training aligned to ECE, OST Programming and Special Needs Development.

Career & Financial Coaching

Career and financial coaches will support our team establish measurable goals for overall development. Defined career paths established in ECE and OST to support with career development.


Career Opportunity Areas
  • Social Emotional Learning Program Instructor

  • Literacy / Math Program Instructor

  • Special Needs Instructor

  • Early Childcare Teacher

  • Teachstone CLASS Certified Observer

Young Teacher
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