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What We Do

Our team works with Non-Profit Partners, School Districts & Early Childcare Organizations  provide and develop Quality Educators for these programs partners, with the goal of expanding capacity for quality education programs for the youth being served.



High Quality Educators are KEY to High Quality Programs


Young Female Student

Lynn Sanders
Board Member
Counter Kulture Initiative

The team at Strategic Focus has a true passion to support youth development . Their team has made an impact on the students we are entrusted to serve.

School Kids

We thoroughly appreciate the professionalism brought by each Strategic Focus team members. 

Kids Playing with Lego

I am thankful for the partnership we have with Strategic Focus Educational Services. They take pride in serving and supporting our students.

Kelsey James
Executive Director
Early Learners Academy

Kerrington Smith
Board Member
Counter Kulture Initiative

Early Childcare education

Our team is "Classroom Ready, we have specialized staff with pre-service hours required to support building capacity and program continuation for Early Childhood Education and additional training in general areas such as SEL, Ages & Stages and youth development best practices .

Afterschool programs

Strategic Focus team members are able to engage and support programming aimed at OST enrichment and academic curriculums. Our team is trained to support literacy, math and provide overall homework support for grade Kinder - High School.

in school programming

Strategic Focus team members engage with school administrators and teachers to understand how to support supplemental programming to close identified learning gaps. Our team will work to create a targeted approach of intervention to meet the students where they are at in order to support measurable learning gains.

social emotional learning

Strategic Focus believes in the incorporation of SEL in all aspects of learning. All team members are receive training in SEL basics and advanced training to suppor the application of SEL strategies when running programs or engaging in classroom interactions with students.  

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